Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Events

Reach out to the community in need as part of your organisation's CSR initiative.  With over 10 years in working with numerous  welfare organisations, we can assist you to plan and organise activities for these beneficiaries.  

We have over 1000 needy elderly and children from the underprivileged group from the numerous centre across the island. 

Some of our programmes include :

          *  Grocery Distribution programme (for needy elderly)

          *  Children's Programme 

                      -  Workshops

                      -   Educational Trip

Contact us today on your CSR events arrangements.  You may also refer to the attached below for information on some of the programmes. 

Business Meeting
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Corporate Programme

(Parent Child Bonding / Team Building)

Company staff is one of the most important stakeholder groups for any organisation in sustainable development.  As such, companies are encouraged to organised programmes to create bonds among the employees.  

We provide Corporate Team Building programme that is suitable for all employees as they do not require participants to be physically fit as some team building programme required. 

We have clay sculpturing workshop for Parent / Child Bonding for your staff to bond with their childen. 

Please contact us to discuss on your company's event requirements.  

Learning Journey

Educating the young is an important aspect of Sustainable Development and schools are a key institution to nurturing the young ones to prepare them for the future journey. 

We encourage schools to bring their students to join our experience guide where they will share the many stories and knowledge of the places, cultural and religious practices in our rich cultural heritage. 

Contact us today for and let us know how we can arrange based on the school's requirements.  

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Sustainability Reporting (GRI Standard)

Understand what is your organisation's economic, environmental and social impacts, and how these impacts will have financial implications on the organisation and its stakeholders groups.

These reports will be prepared in accordance with the latest GRI Standards under the Group Reporting Initiative framework. 

Contact us today for more details  on your sustainability reporting requirements. 

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